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With the app you can easily find and reserve every available rentable vehicle. Reserve your rentable vehicle with the app up to 30 minutes before departure. If a car or bike is not immediately available – just activate the radar feature in the app. The radar notifies you as soon as a car or bike is available in your area.

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Enter your personal data, including your SIM/KTP and vehicle rental information on the website for access to in Indonesia.

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Go to a validation point
Find a validation shop in your city and present your SIM/KTP alongside the QR validation code. You are then free to enjoy renting out your vehicle in any of the connected cities within Indonesia with

Validation points in your city

The app
is the key to Simply download the app for free, complete the validation and afterwards you can already find vehicles for rent via app, book, pay and drive off. Everything about the rent with your smartphone you can find under

Search and reserve
With the app you can easily find and reserve any available rentable vehicle.

Private Owned Motorbikes
Are often in better technical condition than other motorbikes.
They are frequently serviced and better taken care of.
These are usually owned by people who are in no need of their motorbikes and wish to rent them out to produce an extra income.

Validation shops located in almost every big city in Indonesia
We have shops located in Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya & more to come.

Extra products we offer
We offer the choice of renting additional locks, and products such as portable Wi-Fi modems.